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The word Bozack is derived from Hip Hop culture and it means Ball Sack.
The word has been used in urban music since the late 80s and is still used today.

You can only be held back for so long before you become desperate enough to change your situation. That was the position I was in, an artist trapped in a corporate environment trying to climb a ladder that wasn't designed for me. I needed to focus my energy and talents towards something meaningful, and this is the result.

I found myself at a point in my life were my confidence was at a low and I was in need of change. I was stuck in a dead end job that no longer facilitated my growth or gave me an outlet for my creativity. I felt like I was suffocating and the artist within was put to sleep. I felt defeated. I found myself needing inspiration to create change in my life and I turned to what I knew, music. I also opened myself up to new ideas by reading about psychology, quantum physics, the brain and the universe.

I realize many others are going through similar life struggles, that feeling of monotony that eventually kills so many of our hopes and dreams that we eventually accept mediocrity. So I set out to design something that would motivate and inspire me on a daily basis hoping that you will vibe with it.

I started the clothing line with no idea of where it would take me. I knew I wanted to do it but didn’t know how, I had no experience or contacts in the industry but I decided to chase the dream. I questioned myself countless times and came up with every excuse as to why I should stop pursuing it. Logic told me that if I didn’t see the path to the end goal than I should stop. I had to look past my conventional way of thinking in a limited range and trust my instincts and tap into my passion and let it flow. That was how I came up with the overall message of the brand “Embrace your Instincts”.

I continued to believe in the idea and worked countless nights drawing, re-drawing, researching analyzing and figuring out what it was that I needed and slowly after 3 years of dedication the line emerged. The creation of this line is purely from an artistic approach, the ideas and concepts are created from deep self-analysis, meditation and soul searching. The positive and motivational messages on the garments are part of the overall theme of the line and strongly reflect the overall brand message.

With so much energy invested in the creation of the line I felt it was necessary to use the best fabric available. Bamboo is an environmentally friendly fabric that is more absorbent than cotton, it also has natural antibacterial properties but most notable is the luxurious look and feel of this fabric. I set out to create something real, the result is a garment that is designed to make you look and feel good inside and out.