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Durham Region Newspaper Article


The Underwear Expert

Bozack Underwear was featured in New York based mens underwear blog 'The Underwear Expert'

Durham Region Newspaper Article


News Advertiser and Durham

Bozack Underwear was featured in the News Advertiser paper and


Steven Nickerson

Bozack Underwear is proud to announce the sponsorship of Top-ranked Canadian amateur road racer Steven Nickerson's 2011 Racing season.

Steven Nickerson finished the season with a solid third overall in the final 2010 Championship standings and competed in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup tryouts in Spain.


Jonathan Emile

Montreal based rapper, poet and philosopher Jonathan Emile has over 20 million youtube views. Jonathan pushes the level musically and intellectually while he bares his soul on stage and record as he shares his experiences of battling cancer, addresses current affairs and explores humanity.

Is there Life After Death

Author Anthony Peak wrote the book 'Is There Life After Death" which provides scientific research explaining quantumn physics. This book was a major source of inspiration for the 'Life Line".

Tyler Bozak

When Tyler was introduced to the Bozack brand he instantly loved it and is very excited and eager to get on board and work with Bozack clothing.



Debute in Brooklyn, NY

Bozack introduced the brand and limited ‘Life Line’ to the people and media of Brooklyn NY.

Bozack was there to help promote Miss Mimi's book 'Hot Dirty Sex Tips'. Miss Mimi has a radio show on Shade45 called the 'GSPOT'.

Bozack's Brooklyn New York debute being promoted on