Care Instructions
Life and Death are constant, it's the story you write while you are here that makes the difference. You are the Author of Your Destiny and only you can write the story that will eventually be your legacy. Dip your pen into the Ink and write something worth reading on the pages of life.

Make it happen. You are the 'Author of your destiny' the story of your legacy can only be written by you


Our minds can be conditioned into a state of limitation and fear that prevent us from following our dreams. If you are suffering from writer's block break the mold cast upon you and grow towards your full potential. Free Your Mind from limitations.

If you are suffering from writers block 'Free your mind' from it's current mindstate and liberate it from limitations


When your mind is open and free from limitations opportunity is possible. Research studies have proven that when people are primed with positive thoughts it results in positive outcomes. Prepare to Get Lucky!.

When your mind is open opportunity is possible, get in the game and get ready for good things to happen 'Get Lucky'